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        This case study of Zimbabwe has examined developments in biotechnology against the background of a welldeveloped national agricultural research, plant breeding and seeds system. It has then assessed the constraints to biotechnology research,...
        The paper examines the effect of differing policies in the post-independence period on the agricultural and overall economic performance of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It focuses on the interaction between macroeconomic and agricultural policy reforms. It...
        Drawing on the literature on gender and climate change in Zimbabwe, this contribution outlines important links between climate change and gender inequality, focusing particularly on women and adaptation.
        Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth was projected to decelerate to 4.4% in 2012 down from an estimated 10.6% in 2011 reflecting a slowdown in economic activity. It is projected to improve marginally to 5.0% in 2013. The projected improvement in...
        D’après les estimations, la croissance du produit intérieur brut (PIB) réel s’est tassée à 4.4 % en 2012, contre 10.6 % en 2011, sous l’effet d’un ralentissement de l’activité économique. Elle devrait remonter légèrement, à 5 %, en 2013. Ces progrès...
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