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        Chinese Taipei

        • 27 Feb 2015
        • OECD
        • Pages: 484
        This publication contains statistics on fisheries in OECD member countries (with the exception of Austria, Israel and Slovenia) and some non-member economies (Argentina, Chinese Taipei, Thailand) from 2006 to 2013.
        Cette publication contient des statistiques sur les pêcheries dans les pays de l'OCDE (à l'exception de l'Autriche, d'Isra?l et de la Slovénie) et dans quelques économies non-membres (Argentine, Taipei chinois, Tha?lande) de 2006 à 2013.
        • 20 Dec 2013
        • OECD
        • Pages: 446
        This publication contains statistics on fisheries from 2005 to 2012. Data provided concern fishing fleet capacity, employment in fisheries, fish landings, aquaculture production, recreational fisheries, government financial transfers, and imports and...
        Les pêcheries (pêche et aquaculture) fournissent au monde chaque année des millions de tonnes de poisson, mollusques, crustacés, et autres produits de la mer. Les pêcheries ainsi que les activités dérivées procurent aussi revenus et moyens de ...
        Many of Taiwan's highly export-oriented enterprises are small and medium-sized, and many are in a relatively good position to cope with, even to take advantage of, globalisation. Because they generally do not have strong in-house R&D, and often do...
        How open are the capital accounts in Korea and Taiwan? Has there been a trend towards more financial openness during the 1980s? This paper aims at answering both questions by estimating a model of interest determination first outlined by Edwards and...
        Taiwan’s information technology industry has experienced phenomenal growth in the last decade, and it is currently ranked among the largest in the world. The growth has been overwhelmingly export-oriented, with microcomputers and computer monitors...
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