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        South Sudan

        This working paper is a case study on South Sudan as an important refugee country of origin. The case study looks at issues of forced displacement in South Sudan and underscores the linkages between internally displaced persons and South Sudanese...
        Displacement is at a historic high, with over 65 million individuals currently displaced. The world is facing a refugee crisis that is unprecedented in scale. A large number of evaluations look at different aspects of programming in response to...
        Proclamé indépendant le 9 juillet 2011, le Soudan du Sud achève une première année d’existence marquée par des difficultés économiques. Mesurée par le produit intérieur brut (PIB) nominal, l’économie sudsoudanaise se chiffrait à 43.1 milliards SSP...
        South Sudan gained independence on 9 July 2011 and its first year of independence was characterised by economic hardships. The size of the economy, measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), was SSP 43.1 billion (South Sudanese pounds)...
        The Republic of South Sudan became Africa’s 54th nation on 9 July 2011, as it officially became independent following a historic referendum on self-determination held on 9 January 2011. Southerners voted overwhelmingly for total separation from ...
        Le 9 juillet 2011, la République du Sud-Soudan est devenue la 54e nation africaine. Elle a officiellement accédé à l’indépendance après un référendum historique sur l’autodétermination, qui s’est tenu le 9 janvier 2011. Les Sud-Soudanais ont voté à ...
        This chapter explores a number of examples of contracting out in Southern Sudan. The lessons elaborated in this report stem from a number of sectors, including public procurement and health. Several important recommendations are drawn, which can ...
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