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        Les tremblements de terre et autres désastres naturels sont imprévisibles et souvent mortels. Ils entra?nent des co?ts élevés, tant dans les pays développés que dans les pays en développement, sur le plan humain comme au niveau des infrastructures ...
        • 30 Jan 2004
        • OECD
        • Pages: 120
        Earthquakes and other natural disasters are unpredictable, and often deadly. In developed and developing countries alike, the cost in human life and infrastructure is very high. The danger to schools is of particular concern, given the concentration ...
        As of September 2009, Nepal has signed but has not yet ratified the UNCAC. It has been a member of the APG since 2002. Nepal’s legal system is based on the English common law but with some Hindu legal concepts. Its criminal bribery offences have not ...
        Nepal did not exist as a single country in a true political sense prior to unification by King Prithivi Narayan Shah Dev in 1768 (1825 Bikram Sambat). Present day Nepal was divided into various small kingdoms. The Kathmandu valley itself consisted ...
        This chapter offers reflections on the goal of universal access, drawing on insights from experience in Ghana, Senegal and Nepal, as a way to help water and sanitation professionals see more clearly the nature of the challenges posed by a goal of ...
        Nepal, the birth place of Lord Buddha, the home for exotic biodiversity, the tallest mountain in the World – Everest, a landlocked agro-based economy with a low industrial base, the most preferred tourist destination in Southeast Asia, is an ...
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