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        This report identifies the opportunities that Islamic finance presents for donors. To achieve these, Arab and OECD Development Assistance Committee donors need to mobilise innovative forms of financing and deliver the call to deepen the...
        L’état du Kowe?t a créé le Fonds kowe?tien pour le développement économique des pays arabes (KFAED) en 1961, en tant qu’institution de coopération pour le développement avec d’autres pays arabes. Le KFAED – premier fonds établi dans le monde arabe –...
        The state of Kuwait established the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in 1961 as an institution for development co-operation with other countries in the Arab region. The KFAED – the first fund to be established in the Arab world?–...
        This chapter draws lessons from the Korean experience and identifies what can be learned from the catching up strategy and the progressive integration of regional concerns into the country’s growth strategy: from the evolution of regional ...
        State-owned enterprises have been an important feature of the Kuwaiti economy since the establishment of the nation state. As highlighted in this chapter, their importance in the Kuwaiti economy has only increased over the years, and today they play ...
        By global standards, Kuwait has been late to implement measures that grant women equal protection. Education and employment opportunities opened up for Kuwaiti women in the 1960s. Kuwait’s family law discriminates against women in the social sphere ...
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