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        Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

        The North Korean economy has been a statistical black hole for decades but is undergoing substantial transformations. Rapid post-war industrialisation was not sustained beyond the mid-1960s and South Korea’s economy far outpaced North Korea’s during...
        • 02 Mar 2020
        • OECD
        • Pages: 196
        Ce rapport souligne le r?le important que les données peuvent jouer dans la création de conditions améliorant les services publics, augmentant l'efficacité des dépenses publiques et éclairant les considérations éthiques et de confidentialité. Il...
        • 28 Nov 2019
        • OECD
        • Pages: 200
        This report highlights the important role data can play in creating conditions that improve public services, increase the effectiveness of public spending and inform ethical and privacy considerations. It presents a data-driven public sector...
        Pedestrians are vulnerable in traffic, with frequently reported injuries and fatalities. These risks are believed to be correlated with socio-economic attributes such as age, income or education levels. For Korea, it is shown that elderly pedestrians...
        Cambodia has been undertaking regulatory reforms aimed at enhancing the competitiveness and diversity of Cambodian businesses since early 2004. It has introduced a number of policies and plans to improve the quality and efficiency of administrative...
        Das Wirtschaftswachstum wird den Projektionen zufolge kr?ftig und breitbasiert bleiben. Die Exporte ziehen in dem Ma?e an, wie sich die Aussichten in den EU-L?ndern und in Russland verbessern. St?rkere Exporte und Mittel aus EU-Strukturfonds kurbeln...
        French, English
        La croissance économique devrait rester aux alentours de 3?% jusqu'à la fin de 2019, soutenue par une progression accélérée des exportations et des mesures de relance budgétaire qui compenseront l'effet du durcissement des règles relatives à...
        German, English
        Economic growth is projected to remain around 3% through 2019, supported by stronger export growth and fiscal stimulus that offset the impact of tighter regulations on housing and mortgage lending, which will slow construction investment. Inflation...
        French, German
        Canada Liability and compensation France Liability and compensation Nuclear safety and radiological protection Greece Organisation and structure Hungary General legislation India Liability and compensation Japan Liability and compensation Korea...
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