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      2. 1887

        Faroe Islands

        The North Atlantic (NORA) region is a transnational area comprising the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, and the coastal counties of Norway. This review makes a series of recommendations for strengthening co-operation across the region.
        Chapter 3 focuses on the potential of transnational co-operation in the NORA region. The similarities in framework conditions and challenges shared by the NORA regions, the small size of markets and the limited resources within each of the NORA ...
        Reinforcing economic competitiveness and a sustainable development process in the NORA region will largely depend on its capacity to overcome different challenges related to the remote location of the region, its vulnerability to climate change, and ...
        At the beginning of this new millennium, regional economies are confronting momentous changes. The globalisation of trade and economic activity is increasingly testing their ability to adapt and maintain their competitive edge. Market integration ...
        The NORA territories have a relatively high GDP per capita (only Greenland falls well below the OECD average) and economic performance before the crisis was solid. Yet these territories are highly dependent on a reduced number of primary ...
        The NORA region comprises the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, and the coastal counties of Norway, a group of North Atlantic territories linked by shared characteristics and challenges, as well as by historical, institutional and cultural links ...
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