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        Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

        Successful transitions are vital; providing the means to secure the gains achieved through UN missions. A carefully managed transition process is one of the best ways to guard against backslide and to ensure the continuity of essential peacebuilding...
        Fondé sur des consultations des parties prenantes et soutenu par des données statistiques, ce rapport présente un bilan du degré de la mise en ?uvre des Principes pour l’engagement dans les états fragiles en République Démocratique du Congo.
        The purpose of this paper is to develop a strategy for PCT in the DRC, drawing from the experience of other countries that have gone through this triple transition. These experiences will be used to identify the tasks that need to be carried out in...
        The economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo is now poorer than it was at independence. From the 1970s, the breakdown of supply and almost continuous erosion of demand gave way to a negative spiral leading to the informalisation, even...
        La République démocratique du Congo réalise une croissance de 7.2 % en 2012 malgré un contexte économique et financier mondial difficile et une situation politicosécuritaire interne préoccupante. Cette performance est essentiellement stimulée par les...
        The economy grew 7.2% in 2012 despite difficult world economic and financial conditions and a worrying domestic political and security situation. The performance was largely due to extractive industries, trade, agriculture and construction,...
        La croissance économique de la RDC en 2011 a atteint 6.5 %, en léger retrait sur 2010 (7.2 %) en raison des tensions inflationnistes à l’échelle mondiale et de l’attentisme des entreprises en période électorale. Portée par l’agriculture, les ...
        Economic growth in the DRC in 2011 reached 6.5%, a slight drop from the 2010 figure of 7.2%, as a result of global inflationary trends and caution on the part of businesses during a period of elections. Growth, dependent on agriculture, the ...
        The economy began to recover in 2010, with estimations showing real GDP growth increasing to 6.1% from 2.8% in 2009 and largely driven by mining, which was buoyed by higher world prices. This in turn stimulated the services sector and infrastructure...
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