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        The purpose of this second round of surveys is to assess whether the commitments made at the World Humanitarian Summit, including the Grand Bargain, are having a tangible impact on people’s lives in the most difficult contexts in the world. This...
        This working paper is a case study on Afghanistan as a refugee country of origin. The case study looks at whole-of-government efforts by OECD member countries in Afghanistan, specifically looking at how states have co-ordinated development,...
        Displacement is at a historic high, with over 65 million individuals currently displaced. The world is facing a refugee crisis that is unprecedented in scale. A large number of evaluations look at different aspects of programming in response to...
        Based on stakeholder consultations and supported by data, this report reviews the implementation of the Fragile States Principles in Afghanistan, and identifies priority areas to improve the impact of international engagement.
        Afghan women are among the most vulnerable in the world. Under the Taliban regime, women and girls were systematically discriminated against and marginalised, and their human rights were violated. Women and girls were also severely restricted in ...
        This chapter explores a number of examples of contracting out in Afghanistan. The lessons elaborated in this report stem from a number of sectors, including finance, aid effectiveness and justice. Several important recommendations are drawn, which ...
        "Aid Responses to Afghanistan: Lessons from Previous Evaluations" was a key background paper prepared by Niels Dabelstein for the DAC Experts’ Meeting on "Afghanistan Reconstruction and Recovery: Seeing Round the Corner" (May 2002, OECD, Paris). It ...
        ? Mesures d’aide à prendre face à la situation en Afghanistan : enseignements se dégageant des évaluations passées ? est au départ une note de synthèse rédigée par M. Niels Dabelstein réunion d’experts du CAD consacrée au thème ? Reconstruction et ...
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